The Nativity Scene Has Offensive Content According to Brussels

Source: FSSPX News

Once again, the European Parliament has refused to place a crèche at its Brussels headquarters for Christmas. The MEP, who requested it this year, was told that the Lord's manger could constitute “offensive content.”

It all started last year when MEP Isabel Benjumea - from the Popular Party (PP) - spent her first parliamentary Christmas in Brussels. Surprised not to find a nativity scene throughout the building, she decides to contact the office of the President of Parliament, David Sassoli.

But she had to be patient: “after months without receiving an answer, I received a note a few weeks ago, that the decision did not depend on the president, but on the quaestors” explains Isabel Benjumea, in a shared video by the Spanish delegation of the PP.

Tired of the tenacity of the parliamentarian, the administration let it be known that it is impossible to place a crèche in the buildings, on the grounds that it is a “religious exhibition,” which, in addition, could be “offensive.”

“Is it shocking to enter the Prado Museum and see the wonderful works of Fra Angelico, Caravaggio, or Velázquez sometimes evoking the Annunciation, the Adoration of the Magi, or the Nativity? Is it offensive to remind Europeans that what is celebrated on December 25 is the birth of Jesus of Nazareth?” asks the MEP, visibly annoyed at having thus being turned down flat

“The institution should not fall into the trap of considering commemorating Christmas as offensive: what we are celebrating is the birth of Christianity,” explains Isabel Benjumea, who sees in this refusal a political capitulation.

Once again, she says, we fall “into the trap that the left constantly sets for us: it wants to feel offended as soon as we claim something as simple as the historical heritage of Europe.”

This year again, the European Parliament shows to what extent it rejects Europe’s past, its Christian roots and its universal values, to lock itself into a sectarianism that has nothing to envy of the great ancestors who were already spreading the word of order: “Let us crush the vile foe.”