Netherlands: The burka banned in some public places

Source: FSSPX News

A woman wearing a burqa near the courthouse in The Hague, The Netherlands.

As in France, Belgium and Bulgaria, the lower chamber of the Parliament of the Netherlands voted, on November 29, 2016, with a large majority, for a ban on the burka in a variety of public places including on transportation, in schools, in hospitals and in government buildings. According to the RFI on November 29, 2016, “theoretically, there is no religious overtone to this law,” defended by the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. Dutch representatives referred to the same type of motive as the Belgian parliamentarians, that is, “security reasons.”

An infraction of this law, which is yet to be approved by the Senate, would be punishable by a fine that could go up to 405 euros. No prison penalty is being considered.

According to BFMTV on November 29, 2016, the European Court of Human Rights judged in July 2014 that the ban on public wearing of the burka and niqab does not contravene freedom of religion.

(Sources: kipa-apic – RFI – BFMTV – DICI no. 346, 09/12/16)

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