A new book on the Shroud of Turin

Source: FSSPX News


Last May 29, Cardinal Poletto, archbishop of Turin, held an important meeting at the chancery, in the presence of the press, to present an essential book which has just been published, and which explains the great work of restoration which was done last year on the Shroud of Turin.

This book by Madame Mechtild Flury-Lemberg is entitled Sindone 2002 – L’intervento conservativo [Shroud 2002 – Restoration intervention]. This is the official volume which recounts and illustrates the intervention undertaken in 2002, which consisted in eliminating the restorative elements which stem from Chambery in 1534, and in putting the Shroud on a new support canvas.

The author, Doctor Flury-Lemberg, principal agent in this intervention, is considered an authority in the salvaging and conservation of ancient materials. In her book, she gives a detailed account of the stages of the work, describing in particular, with the aid of 150 photographs and unpublished plans, the removal of patches and the Holland cloth (backing layer), the elimination of pollutants and the mounting of the Shroud on a new support.

A foldout reproduction of the Shroud, one-fifth the size of the original (that is, 92 cm), shows both the front and back of the Shroud in its new condition, after the removal of the patches. The back has not been seen since 1534. It has none of the markings that some had thought were there.

This book allows everyone who is studying the Shroud to view the work undertaken last year. It shows that there was no aggressive intervention made on the Shroud. The most competent scientists working with the Shroud have recognized the opportunity and the pertinence of the intervention to restore and preserve the Holy Shroud in the future.

The book is very beautiful, sewn cloth cover with dustcover. It may be ordered from D. P. F., 86190 Chiré-en-Montreuil. Price: 49 - euros franco.

N.B. the text of the book is in three languages (Italian, English and German).