The new minister of foreign affairs at the Vatican

Source: FSSPX News


Within the curia, it is not customary for a cardinal to be placed under the authority of another cardinal. Therefore Mgr. Jean-Louis Tauran, secretary for Relations with States, could not remain under the authority of the cardinal Secretary of State, Angelo Sodano. It is Mgr. Giovanni Lajolo, until now nuncio to Germany, who will replace him.

This 68 year old from Piedmont was ordained priest in 1960, and has been at the service of the Holy See since 1970. A canonist and specialist on concordats, he was secretary of the delegation charged with the revision of the Lateran agreements between Italy and the Holy See, from 1975 to 1985, in accordance with the new principles of religious liberty expressed by the Vatican Council II.

Close to Mgr. Tauran, Mgr. Lajolo is reputed to be esteemed by Cardinal Sodano, also a native of Piedmont. In this connection, it has not escaped the notice of certain vaticanists that there are at present ten cardinals of piedmontese origin, and that the influence of the nuncios is palpable.

Every day the office of the secretariat for Relations with States scrutinizes the reports of 184 nunciatures in the world and maintains relations with ambassadors to the Holy See from 180 countries. From this point of view, Mgr. Lajolo will be one of the most well-informed men on the planet.