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France: Priest “Excommunicates” Benedict XVI

In Témoignage Chrétien dated February 5, 2009, Fr. Gérard Bessières made known that he had excommunicated — motu proprio of course — Pope Benedict XVI. Indeed, since the decree of January 21, he has ceased to name him in the canon of his Mass. And he mused: “Will I eventually lift the excommunication? This would require acts of repentance and of fidelity to the acts and orientations of Vatican II.” Soon His Holiness Gérard 1st will re-establish Holy Inquisition… in the name of Vatican II! (Source: Témoignage Chrétien)

United States: Cardinal Speaks about Possibility of Married Priests

Cardinal Edward M. Egan, former archbishop of New York, declared during a radio broadcast with journalist Fred Dicker, from the New York Post, that priestly celibacy was a topic for a “perfectly legitimate discussion.” “I think we must examine” this issue, he added, believing that it might be good to make a decision based on geography and culture, rather than a universal decision. He observed that the priests in the churches of the Eastern rite — like the Rumanian Greek-Catholic Church, the Melkite or the Maronite churches  — enjoyed the possibility of being married “without any problem whatsoever.” — We can guess, through his words, that the American prelate would like to move from priests’ marriage as a legitimate subject of discussion… to their legitimate marriage without any discussion whatsoever. (Source: Apic/CNS

France: La Croix Admitted

On the blog of La Croix, on March 12, Nicolas Senèze  returned to Bishop Fellay’s Press Release of March 12, (see Documents section), and made a sizeable admission: “ ‘The Church is going through a major crisis which can be resolved only by an integral return to the purity of the Faith,’ Bishop Fellay stated in the Press Release which followed the publication of the letter by Benedict XVI. It could not be said more clearly that the Society of St. Pius X still does not intend to accept fully the teaching of the Council.” — It could not be pointed out more clearly that the full acceptance of the teaching of the Council is, in the eyes of the journalist of La Croix, hardly compatible with an integral return to the purity of the faith. (Source: