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Source: FSSPX News


Italy: Peppone’s lawsuit dropped

On September 2002, Luigi Cascioli, 72 years old, an agronomist by training, lodged a complaint against Father Enrico Righi, the 75 year-old parish priest of Saint Bonaventure in Bagnoregno, for having taken advantage of people’s credulity in affirming in his parish bulletin that Jesus did exist. "Christ did not exist, declared Cascioli, he is a personage made up by the Church".

On January 26, 2006, Gaetano Mautone, the judge for preliminary hearings in Viterbo, Northeast of Rome, summoned the two parties for a preliminary hearing, after which he decided to drop the complaint against Father Enrico Righi, and sent the documents on to the court to examine whether Luigi Cascioli could be sued for "calumny".


Belgium: Religious practice becoming extinct

The Flemish daily Het Nieuwsblad of January 23 published a poll on Catholic practice, in which half of the people questioned identified themselves as believers. But only 4% of the faithful go to Mass every Sunday, and two-thirds of the Flemish go to Church only for marriages, baptisms and burials, versus Sunday attendance of 12.7% in 1998.

In 2004, a study made by the Catholic University of Louvain revealed a religious practice of 11% versus 36% in 1967 and 18% in 1990.


Netherlands: Separation for a trial period?

On January 25, Ed Spruijt, a Dutch sociologist and researcher at the Utrecht University, answered questions from the daily Trouw. This specialist on broken homes, after having observed that children could suffer all their life from their parents’ divorce, suggested separation for a trial period of three months. – According to the data from the National Office of Statistics, the number of separations, which is increasing in the Netherlands, reached 33,000 with 38,000 children involved.


Italy: Demonstrations in favor of abortion and secularism

On February 11, in Naples, according to the police 20,000 demonstrators denounced the bill proposed by Francesco Storace, Public Health minister, to restrict the law on abortion, and demanded the abortifacient pill RU 486 and the legalization of same-sex couples. – A protest rally already took place in Milan on January 14.

On that same February 11, in Rome, demonstrators criticized the "intervention of the Church" in public affairs and demanded "secularism" and the abolition of the Concordat with the Vatican. They ask the right to abortion and civil unions for homosexual couples. This meeting was initiated by the No Vat (No Vatican) movement which includes Communist Youth, social centers, the Radical Party "The rose in the fist" and homosexual organizations.