News Brief

Source: FSSPX News



Switzerland: Ecône scores one against the promoters of a soccer stadium

 To the developers who are considering building a soccer stadium on territory which belongs to the commune of Riddes, where the Ecône seminary is situated, Fr. Benoit de Jorna, director of the St. Pius X seminary, has asked to review their dossier: “In fact, several points appear to us, to have been overlooked, such as the question of noise and lighting pollution, the issue of parking and traffic circulation, as well as that of policing, which are totally absent from the dossier.” (Source: La Liberté)


Italy: Press campaign against Padre Pio

 The Italian historian Fabrizio Luzzatto has claimed that the stigmata of the Capuchin Friar were not miraculous, but the consequence of self-mutilation with the aid of a corrosive acid. The Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, has condemned the press campaign which is seeking to portray Padre Pio as a “crook”. (Sources: Apic/Imedia)


 United States: Empire State Building celebrates the end of Ramadan

 For the first time, the Empire State Building on Manhattan Island has been illuminated in green to celebrate the close of Ramadan for the seven million Muslims living in the United States.

 New York’s highest sky-scraper is illuminated on special occasions, such as Christmas, July 4, and the Jewish Festival of Lights (Hanukkah). And as from this year, for the feast of Aid el-Fitr marking the end of the month of Ramadan. (Sources: Apic/Ansa)

Ireland: number of priest continues to diminish

 The annual report on vocations and personnel from October 2005 to September 2006, has been published by the Irish Council of Bishops for research and development, it announces a fall of 2% in the number of active priests. Eoin O’Mahony, the author of the report told the agency ENI: “It is not surprising that the number of priests is in decline. We have known for many years that the number of postulants is not sufficient to replace the aging priests who retire or die.” – In September 2006, the island of Ireland (Irish Republic and Northern Ireland) numbered 4,395,908 Catholics and 2,342 priests active at that time, that is one priest for 1,862 Catholics in Ireland. (Source: ENI)