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Rome: A Course for Priests on Satanism and Exorcism

The Institute Sacerdos of the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum and the Socio-Religious Research and Information Group (GRIS), is organizing a practical and technical course on the ministry of exorcism. This course is reserved to priests and graduate students in theology preparing for the priesthood. It begins February 17, 2005 and ends April 14. It will also be possible to take it in other Italian cities, thanks to video-conferencing.

One of the professors who will give the course, Carlo Climati, in an interview with Zenit, explained: “The idea (of this course) was born out of contact with numerous priests who expressed the need for more information on these topics. In their pastoral activity, priests receive more and more requests for help on the part of parents or are confronted with delicate cases where youth have joined satanic sects or gotten involved in occult practices. This most serious problem is particularly represented by the nihilism that characterizes certain phenomena. Young people are disoriented and pressured to ignore the distinction between good and evil and to deny all moral boundaries”.

France: Constant Erosion of the Number of Catholics

From 81% in 1960, Catholics represented 64.3% in 2004, according to a poll by the CSA Institute, published December 24 in the Catholic paper La Croix (The Cross). Regular religious practice, which according to sociologists is monthly attendance at Mass, is just as low: from 2001 to 2004 it went from 10% to 7.7%. Religious practice is more common among the elderly than the young: 28.1% are 75 or older and 19.8% are between 65 and 74.

Msgr. Claude Dagens, Bishop of Angoulême, reacted thus: “We’ve had enough (sic) of this talk of a decline, of the disappearance of Catholicism, of the end of the Church! Certainly there is a strong tendency toward a real institutional weakening, but there is, at the same time, an indication of a profound remaking of the very fabric of Christianity” (re-sic).

India: After the Tidal-Wave, Watch Out for the “Land Sharks”

“We must, as soon as possible, give back to the people concerned the means to regain their livelihood and to protect the orphans, widows and aged, otherwise they risk becoming the prey of “land sharks”, declared Fr. Jimmy Dabhi, director of the India Social Institute (ISI), to the press agency Misna. By “land sharks”, Fr. Dabhi is referring to criminal organizations that recruit the poorest and most desperate people for their illegal activities. Thousands of fishermen who vanished into the sea had families depending on them to survive: “The widows, who in Indian society lose all protection, risk ending up in prostitution rings”, the religious added.

Regarding tourist areas, the ones most affected by the disaster in India, as in other countries, he adds: “A kind of tourism born and developed in an irrational way contributed to the great number of victims”. In his view, tourist complexes were built too close to the beaches, in order to attract vacationers; the mangrove forests, which normally hold back the water, were cut down to allow for the construction of these complexes. Many people live near the beaches, drawn by the new opportunities for employment linked to tourism, which are not always moral.

Rome: Death of the Jesuit Jacques Dupuis

Father Jacques Dupuis died December 28 in a hospital in Rome at the age of 81, as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. In February 2001, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had published a note denouncing the relativism of his theological conception of salvation in his work, published in 1997, entitled Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism. This note declared that it was “contrary to the Faith” to consider Revelation as “limited, incomplete or imperfect”, and to see the different religions of the world as “complementary ways vis-à-vis the Church in regard to salvation”.

Fr. Jean-Marc Aveline, director of the Catholic Institute of the Mediterranean in Marseille, gave this reaction to La Croix on January 3, 2005: “Although certain of his theological propositions were questionable or even doubtful, he has left for the future of theological research on interreligious dialog a remarkable and, in many respects, decisive body of work. His work will serve as a point of departure for a second stage which consists in deepening what, in the different aspects of the Christian faith, can be enlightened by taking into account the plurality of religions”. No comment necessary.

France: Bishop. Gaillot – Preacher of a Priests’ Retreat

On Christmas Eve, all the priests of the Archdiocese of Lyon received an enrollment form for two priests’ retreats organized in March and August of 2005. Msgr. Jacques Gaillot, former bishop of Evreux, who was sanctioned by Rome after his numerous pronouncements contrary to Catholic faith and morals, will preach the second one at the Abbey of Aiguebelle (26230 Grignan) from August 21 to 26.

Protests may be directed to Msgr. Hervé Giraud, auxiliary bishop of Lyon, to whom the registrations for this retreat are to be sent: 1 Place de Fourvière, 69321 LYON cedex 05. Email: [email protected].