Nicaragua: Pilgrimage to Jesus the Savior to End the Crisis

Source: FSSPX News

Despite the unprecedented economic and political crisis that has affected the entire country, the traditional “pilgrim carts” have converged on the National Sanctuary of Jesus the Savior (Jesus del Rescate) at Popoyuapa (Nicaragua), bringing together more than 2,000 faithful on Passion Sunday—for these intentions: peace. . . and the departure of President Daniel Ortega.

Leaving the day before from Granada, more than 400 carts arrived on April 7, 2019, at the sanctuary of Popoyuapa, in order to implore a new miracle for the country from Jesus the Savior. Archbishop Leopoldo Brenes, Cardinal Archbishop of Managua, was present to welcome and bless the more than 2,000 pilgrims who have traveled several miles under the sun aboard carts pulled by oxen.

Although Nicaraguans have been praying to Jesus the Savior of Popoyuapa for three centuries, the tradition of pilgrim carts dates back to 1843, when the confraternities founded in honor of the Jesus del Rescate put together a pilgrimage.

One of the customs of the pilgrimage is decorate the carts with the colors of Nicaragua, along with those of the Holy See, in order to show the affection of an entire people for the one Church of Christ. It should be noted that this pilgrimage is the only event currently authorized in the country.

Waiting for a Solution

Nicaragua is experiencing an unprecedented crisis caused by the retention as head of state of the Sandinista Daniel Ortega, whose actions have led the country to the brink of economic, social, and political crisis. Since the beginning of the crisis that erupted on April 18, 2018, at the time of protests against the reform of the pension system, more than 500 people have been killed.

In this context, the presence of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Managua, Leopoldo Brenes, at the Sanctuary of Jesus del Rescate has symbolic value: the Church, which mediates between the ruling power and the opposition, has for several months begun a cautious and determined power struggle with Daniel Ortega, which makes her a key political actor in the expectation of an change in power that should take place here in 2021. Unless the powerful Jesus del Rescate shakes up  the calendar…