Nigeria: More than 10,000 Christians killed by fundamentalists

Source: FSSPX News


The Catholic Church in Nigeria fears a new progression in Islamic law. The Muslim fundamentalists, after the adoption of the Sharia in the northern States, want to introduce it in the south and west of the country, affirmed Bishop Obiora Ike in an interview given on January 29 to the Catholic press agency KNA in Berlin. The Nigerian prelate describes the Christian Churches in his country as “martyrs”. More than 10,000 Christians have been killed by Muslims in four years.

Nigeria is the central theme of the initiative “Solidarity with persecuted and harassed Christians” adopted this year by the German episcopal conference. Bishop Ike, vicar general of the diocese of Enugu and professor of social ethics, passing through Germany, denounced the support given by other nations, principally Saudi Arabia, to the radical Muslims of his country. Libya, Sudan, Iran and Pakistan also figure amongst the countries engaged in the islamization of Nigeria.

The Nigerian prelate describes their conception of Islam as a “manipulation of religion in the name of personal interests or with a view to using certain groups”. Those who use violence in the name of religion or deprive others of their rights, are not acting in accordance with God’s will. “But the leaders know how to manipulate religion,” maintains the vicar general of Enugu, at the same time advocating inter-religious dialogue and tolerance. – No comment…