No scoop, no buzz!

Source: FSSPX News

This 250th issue of DICI is an occasion to recall that the patron saint of Catholic journalists is Saint Francis de Sales, who, seeing no Protestants in church when he preached, had his sermons printed and slipped them under their doors.

On his feast day, January 29, 1959, during a Mass celebrated in Rome, Cardinal Ottaviani reminded Catholic journalists of the duties of their profession:  “The continual search for the true and the good is your mandate and, at the same time, your goal, your life.  Let there be no one among you who is not attentive, with a profound sense of responsibility, to the seriousness of the duties incumbent on you….  Providence has placed a weapon in your hands:  the pen, arma veritatis [the weapon of truth].  All of this in aedificationem [so as to edify].  And this spiritual edification will be accomplished especially if you always keep before your mind’s eye the image of Jesus, the reflection, as it were, of the countless faces of your readers.”

This is why DICI does not seek to arouse curiosity, nor to satisfy an avid need for exclusive revelations with more or less sensational news that will be retailed on the Internet or in the faculty lounges.  This is a deliberate choice:  the commitment to consider our readers as intelligent persons to inform and not as epidermises to impress.

Fr. Alain Lorans

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