Notre Dame Construction Site: Donations Have Commenced

Source: FSSPX News

On July 29, 2019, the government signed a series of agreements permitting the organization of the financing network for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris. The Ministry of Culture is committed to ensuring “rigorous and transparent” management of the donations. Of the 850 million euros pledged for the reconstruction of the cathedral, 10% has been paid by the donors.

The building site for the restoration of the Paris cathedral has been inactive since July 25, following a complaint filed charging the lack of management of lead pollution, to which the workers would be exposed. On the other hand, the legal framework for the transfer of the donations to the State has just been adopted.

On behalf of the government, Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, on July 29, 2019 signed several agreements—with the Heritage Foundation, in order to receive a first payment of 44 million euros; and with the Notre-Dame Foundation, and the Center for National Monuments.

The purpose of these agreements is to establish the legal framework for the transfer of funds to the French State which, by virtue of the 1905 law, remains the owner of the cathedral and the contracting authority for the restoration work. By this iniquitous law, the French Republic  robbed the Catholic Church of all the churches, chapels, and cathedrals in France.

The Minister of Culture said that, to date, only “a little more than 10%” of pledges amounting to 850 million euros, have been received.

Franck Riester reassured the French and foreign donors saying that their donations will be dedicated to “the work of the conservation and restoration of the cathedral and its furnishings, which are owned by the State” as well as “the training of professionals in the heritage trades, whose skills will be required.”