Notre Dame's Highest Honor to Problematic Jesuit

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Fr. Gregory Boyle in a press photo provided by UND

The University of Notre Dame, once a crown jewel of American Catholic higher learning, continues its modernist, anti-Magisterial slide.

The University of Notre Dame will award its highest honor to Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J., who has publicly dissented from Church teaching on same-sex unions, the ineligibility of women for Holy Orders, and the requirements for the worthy reception of Holy Communion.

Every year the Catholic university awards its Laetare Medal to a Catholic “whose genius has ennobled the arts and sciences, illustrated the ideals of the Church and enriched the heritage of humanity”. Father Boyle has worked for decades with incarcerated men and gang members in Los Angeles. He will receive the award at the university’s May 21 commencement ceremony.

A History of Catholic Dissent


In a 2010 television interview, Father Boyle criticized the U.S. Bishops for opposing the legalization of homosexual unions, describing the Church’s stance as “demonizing people.” He also advocated women’s ordination, saying that the Church’s requirement that a candidate for Holy Order be male was “shameful, “nonsense” and not “honest.” Moreover he mocked Church teaching on reception of the Eucharist for individuals who have married outside the Church.

The Cardinal Newman Society called the decision to award the Laetare Medal to Fr. Boyle “a scandal.” In an e-mail to supports it asked: “What is the motivation behind Notre Dame’s honor to an unfaithful priest who...suggests that God disagrees with the Catholic Church?”

The Sycamore Trust, an alumni organization that works to protect Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, said in a statement, “Father Boyle displayed an utter contempt for the Magisterium. He looks for truth elsewhere.” While admitting the Jesuit priest’s “admirable history of good works,” the Sycamore Trust statement said that he “illustrated some ideals of the Church while ridiculing others.”

Last year Notre Dame was criticized for awarding the Laetare Medal to former Vice President Joe Biden, who is pro-abortion. Is the Notre Dame Award going to be a synonym for Medal of Shame?

Source: LifeSiteNews