Official Letter from the District of South America on the Legalization of “Homosexual Marriage” in Argentina

Source: FSSPX News

Letter from Fr. Christian Bouchacourt to the priest of the District of South America of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, on the passing of a law that authorizes “homosexual marriage” in Argentina on July 15, 2010.  (Official Translation FSSPX – MG)

+ Martinez, 15 de julio de 2010

Fraternidad Sacerdotal San Pio X

Distrito América del Sur

El Superior

Estimados Padres,

This 15th of July 2010 is a day of mourning and of great sorrow for Argentina.  Indeed, in approving the bill in favor of “homosexual marriage”, the senators and all those who voted in favor of the bill have committed a grave sin of impiety towards God that comes back to the whole nation that they are supposed to represent.

The Argentinian episcopate carries a heavy responsibility as well in this grave defeat.  Desiring to please the world, and to give up denouncing error and proclaiming the truth, the bishops have become inaudible and have let the wolves into the flock.  Why did they not launch a Crusade of Masses, prayers and sacrifices as a barrage against this abomination?  May God have mercy on them.  They will have to answer to Him for their suicidal failure to take responsibility.

In reaction to this insult to God, I ask that a Mass of reparation be celebrated in each of our priories in Argentina and all our missions in which it is possible.  We will say the votive Mass “pro remissione peccatorum”.

May our faithful assist in great numbers at these Masses and may they receive communion to implore God to have mercy on Argentina and turn away His anger from our nation.

May Our Lady of Lujan have mercy on us and save Argentina.

Parce Domine, parce populo tuo.

Padre Christian BOUCHACOURT

(DICI n°219, July 24, 2010)

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