Open Rebellion Against the CDF in Germany

Source: FSSPX News

The University of Münster

The responsum of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), affirming that it is not possible to bless homosexual unions, continues to make waves across the Rhine. More than 200 academics and more than 2,000 “pastors of souls” are refusing to comply.

The university protest is centralized at the University of Münster. The text, adorned with 212 signatures, strongly criticizes the Roman document.

The text of the CDF, composed of the responsum itself as well as the accompanying “explanatory note” and “commentary,” are accused by these teachers of “lacking theological depth, hermeneutical understanding, and argumentative rigor.”

The critic adds that “if scientific findings are ignored and not received, as is the case in the document, the Magisterium undermines its own authority.”

This argument holds that since the social sciences today affirm the “normality” of homosexuality, and therefore the fact that it belongs to human nature as a variant of sexuality, it must be integrated into the teaching of Church. This leads to the possibility of blessing these unions.

The criterion of faith is therefore no longer the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, but “human science.” This is how it is possible to dismiss this revealed and unequivocal affirmation: “Increase and multiply” Gn. 1:28). Because to multiply, you need a man and a woman.

Critics are still raging that the Roman text “is characterized by a paternalistic attitude of superiority and discriminates against homosexual people and their life plans.” And they add this sentence that anyone can easily judge: “We assume that the life and love of same-sex couples are no less valuable before God than the life and love of any other couple.”

Finally, these rebellious academics assert that “in many groups of the faithful, priests, deacons, and other pastoral workers recognize homosexual people, especially by offering blessing celebrations for same-sex couples and by reflecting on forms appropriate liturgical texts for these celebrations.”

At least that statement is clear and indisputably proves the pressing need for CDF intervention.

Along with this challenge of the “Catholic” intelligentsia, many “pastors” have expressed their refusal. By pastor is meant: priests, deacons, parish and pastoral ministers, teachers and professors of religion.

The movement rapidly formed in Austria, via social media. One group launched a “Call for Disobedience 2.0.” This call brought together nearly 400 members.

In Germany, the initiative came from two priests. One of them called on those concerned to come out, an act he himself did two years ago.

There are now more than 2,000 “pastors” who refuse to obey and ask the German hierarchy, especially Bishop Georg Bätzing, the president of the Episcopal Conference, to support them. And they demand that the subject be clearly discussed during the synodal path.