Ordination to Minor Orders and Subdiaconate at Dillwyn

Source: FSSPX News

Ordinations were held on March 26 and 27 at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, located in Dillwyn, Virginia, United States.

The celebrating pontiff was Bishop Bernard Fellay.

On Friday, March 26, he ordained 10 third-year seminarians to the first orders - Porter and Lector - of whom 9 are American, and the tenth is Irish.

He then ordained three fourth-year seminarians to the second minor orders - Exorcist and Acolyte - two of whom are Americans and the third Irish.

The ceremony took place in white vestments, on this Passion Friday, when the Church celebrates the commemoration of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. In the Society, it has been elevated to the rank of a first class feast, because it is the patronal feast of the Society Sisters.

What a magnificent patronage to receive these minor orders and to place oneself, from the first steps in the ecclesiastical orders, under the protection of the one who was intimately associated with the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as must be the one who will one day ascend to the altar.

On Saturday March 27, Bishop Fellay ordained to the subdiaconate 5 fifth-year seminarians, who made their perpetual engagement to the Society the day before. Four of these seminarians are American and the fifth Mexican.

The subdiaconate is the first of the “major” orders, because it involves a definitive commitment. Whoever receives this order cannot go back. This total gift is manifested by the ceremony of the “step” taken at the invitation of the bishop.

But the actual ordination is conferred when the pontiff presents a chalice surmounted by a paten to the ordinand, pronouncing the formula: “See what ministry you are entrusted with; so I warn you to show yourself such that you may please God.”