Orthodoxy: the patriarch of Constantinople comes to the defense of the patriarch of Moscow.

Source: FSSPX News


In an interview to the Italian daily “Il Foglio”, dated May 8, Bartholomew I emphasized that the action undertaken by the Holy See in Russia “does not serve to satisfy the needs of Catholics, but creates structures which use the malaise of a wounded Russian Church to the benefit of the Catholic Church,.”

As regards the Uniate question, the patriarch considered that it is “not the current cause of the problems, but it is certainly one of the causes”. For him, “the Catholic Church has used ways and means, in a totally pragmatic way, for its own domination, as much in the past – as history bears witness – as in the present – as the Uniate question demonstrates.” The patriarch of Constantinople has reproached the Catholic Church with “welcoming the faithful who, while not accepting the Catholic tradition – in particular for the liturgy – accept the pope as head of their Church”. A way of thinking described by the patriarch as “secular because it uses secular criteria (the single inclusion of the faithful) and not spiritual ones (what the faithful really believe).”

Considering the pope’s calls for unity to be “sincere” and the personal relations between the two Churches “improved”, Bartholomew I considered, however, that “the purely ecclesiological relations were on the same uncertain level of discord, concerning numerous questions”. According to the patriarch of Constantinople, unity for the Catholic Church would mean “renouncing all the reforms following the schism: the primacy and the infallibility of the pope, the Filioque and the Uniate questions”.

The estrangement between the two churches, he also explained, is due to “the authoritarian and unyielding structure of the Roman Church, which, in its interior function, accepts no modification of ecclesiological or dogmatic status, which has been formed over the centuries, because any change would consequently lead it to admit its own errors.”