Osservatore Romano denounced The Golden Compass

Source: FSSPX News


On December 19, L’Osservatore Romano  criticized the movie The Golden Compass. Based on the book by British author Philip Pullman, and adapted for the screen by American Chris Weisz, the movie tells the story of Lyra, a 12-year old orphan, in a world parallel to ours. Lyra has inherited a compass which always points out the truth, in a universe ruled by a government organization “Magisterium” which kidnaps children for experimentation purposes. The Osservatore Romano underlined that the word “Magisterium” “brings something to mind” and more specifically to “the utterly atheistic ideology opposed to any traditional and institutional religion and to Christianity and Catholicism in particular” of Philip Pullman, an Oxford professor and author of the trilogy upon which the first movie is based. The Osservatore Romano added that in the eyes of the author, “all Christian schools should be closed down and religious teaching in schools discontinued, not to mention the violence which the baptism of infants implies.”

“The film is as anti-Christmas as possible… it brings with it the coldness and the desperation of rebellion, solitude and individualism.” “In the world of Pullman, hope simply doesn’t exist, in part because there is no salvation but only personal, individualistic capacity to control the situation and dominate events.” “It is a gnostic ‘fantasy’ saga.” (Sources: apic/imedia/AFP)