Our Holy Patrons on Short-Term Contract

Source: FSSPX News

To everyone’s surprise, contrary to what had been announced for months and months, Saint John-Marie Vianney was not proclaimed patron of all priests on June 11th, at the closing Mass of the Year for Priests.  In an attempt to justify this sudden change, it was said that the Curé of Ars did not offer a sufficiently universal model or that he did not correspond to the role of today’s priest.

Saint Francis de Sales is nonetheless the patron of Catholic journalists.  And certainly his style of apostolate – which consisted of slipping the text of his sermons under the doors of the Protestants who were not coming to hear him preach – has nothing to do with the modern methods of broadcasting sounds and images which journalists use today.  Should he therefore stop being their patron saint?  Doesn’t holiness transcend time and space?

Concerning the Curé of Ars, several questions arise:  Is the example of priestly holiness which he gave us perishable? What was its expiration date? 1962? 1965?  Basically, is the model which Saint John-Marie Vianney offers insufficiently contemporary because it is too traditional?  In that case, we must expect that from now on our patron saints will have only short-term contracts for carrying out their protective role.

Father Alain Lorans