Pakistan: False accusations of blasphemy have been recognized

Source: FSSPX News

With the collaboration of the police and the province’s government, the juridical authorities of Punjab, in the northwest of Pakistan, has established a list of 50 people who are at present on trial for blasphemy on the basis of ungrounded accusations.

These abusive cases have been identified among the 262 trials for blasphemy before the different courts of Punjab from 2010 to this day. According to the Vatican information agency Fides, as of February 13, the supposed blasphemers are still imprisoned. Their trials have not begun for various reasons, such as lack of proof, lawyers’ unavailability, and the accused feeble economic means or mental instability.

A committee placed under the responsibility of the Secretary of the Public Prosecutor of Punjab, Rana Maqbool, met at the beginning of February to discuss some “special methods” for a quick trial that would guarantee their acquittal, and restore the freedom and safety of the unjustly accused defendants. Among the solutions imagined, the government of Punjab could institute a civil action at these trials, which would allow it to take up the defense of the supposed blasphemers. The opinions of researchers and experts of all the schools of Muslim thought are presently being collected, in order to avoid the customary threats, reactions and protests.

(sources: apic/fides – DICI no. 311 dated February 27, 2015)

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