Pakistan: Forced Conversions to Islam

Source: FSSPX News

A young Christian couple was recently kidnapped, held hostage, beaten and converted by force to Islam in the province of Punjab, in the north of Pakistan, by a group of militant fundamentalist Muslims displeased with the release of Amanat Masih.  This Christian accused of blasphemy was declared innocent by a tribunal that had noted the falsity of the accusations made against him, reports the ONG World Vision in Progress, in a narrative quoted by the press agency Fides.  In retaliation, the Muslims then kidnapped his 23 year-old son and 20 year-old daughter-in-law on October 26.  The hostages were held for 10 days and converted by force to Islam to oblige Amanat Masih to come out from hiding so that they could execute him.

Under pressure from World Vision in Progress, the police authorities finally managed to avoid more blood-shed and – in one of the rare successfully concluded affairs – to release the young couple.  According to the Pakistani ONG, all this action took place under the cover of influential Muslim politicians belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League, a party that is represented in the national Parliament and that participates in the government of the region of Punjab.  In the course of the last three months, 24 cases can be counted in Punjab alone of Christian women being forced to convert to Islam. (sources: apic/fides – DICI#245 Nov 25,2011)

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