Palestine : a wall of insecurity

Source: FSSPX News


Bishop Pietro Sambi, apostolic nuncio in Israel and apostolic delegate for Jerusalem and Palestine, asked the Israelite government to change the laying out of the wall of separation cutting through the properties of religious congregations : "Article IV of the fundamental Agreement signed on December 1993 between the Holy See and the state of Israel stipulates that the Israelite government shall respect and protect the properties of Catholic institutions."

The "wall of separation", called by the Israelite government "security wall" and named by the Israelite groups of defense of human rights "wall of shame", is built on Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem and in Palestine. This impassable barrier already cuts in two villages but also properties belonging to the Franciscans and the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul. Their citrus trees and olive trees have been up-rooted by bulldozers in mid-October.

If this wall is built according to the current plans, it will also cut across the properties of the Passionist Fathers and the Combonian Sisters in the biblical town of Bethany. In an appeal taken up by the Caritas of Jerusalem on Thursday October 30, the ecumenical network Vox asked the Church leaders at world level to take action to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians who are subjected to severe measures of repression by the Israelite troops of occupation.

The network Vox, which comprises Christian organizations such as the Commission "Justice and Peace" of Jerusalem, the movements YMCA of East Jerusalem and of Palestine, the Council of the Churches of the Middle East, the Orthodox Copt Patriarchate of Jerusalem, asks the international community and the political leaders to put pressure on Israel at the

international level so that this country respect the humanitarian rights.

The Israelite wall encircling Bethlehem will isolate 700 families, mostly Christian Palestinians, and all those who live in the Melkite Greek-Catholic monastery of Emmanuel. Once the high wall — much higher than the former wall of Berlin — will be finished these families and the nuns will be physically cut off from Bethlehem, from the work places, and from access to the stores, the public offices and churches. It is not yet known whether Israel will place a security door in order to allow the people to go out of that trap and the priest to go in to visit their parishioners.

Vox denounces this "coup de force" which treads under foot the rights of ordinary people who only want to live a normal life and go about freely as everywhere else in the world. Peace and security can be obtained only through fair relationships and neighborliness based on the end of military occupation, and not by shutting up people into enclaves. For the local Christian organizations, this so-called "security barrier" will prove on the contrary in the long run to be a "insecurity barrier" because it failed to win over the hearts of the population.