Papal visits in 2003

Source: FSSPX News


European parliament in Strasbourg

Pope John Paul II was officially invited on 12th January 2003 by Pat Cox, president of the European parliament, to address the deputies of the assembly. Pat Cox expressed the wish that this visit to Strasbourg take place during the year 2003, when the European Union is preparing to receive ten new members, the majority of whom are former Communist countries.

Spain, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovakia

John Paul II will visit Spain and Croatia this year, and visits to Bosnia and Slovakia are also envisaged, Vatican sources at APIC confirmed on Tuesday. Thus a final doubt concerning the Pope’s visit to Spain has been dispelled. Speaking of the visit, the archbishopric of Madrid spoke of the first weekend in May, a holiday in Spain. A first draft of the programme, though not yet approved by the Vatican, affirms that the Pope may arrive on the morning of 3rd May, canonize four or five servants of God on Sunday 4th May – a fifth “candidate for sainthood” is currently under consideration for canonization on this occasion – and then leave in the afternoon.