Parents March by the Hundreds of Thousands throughout Ecuador

Source: FSSPX News

Demonstrators in Guayaquil - Photo: Catolicidad

Friday, July 28th was the date of a massive simultaneous demonstration across several cities in Ecuador to Protest the Government’s Anti-Catholic Agenda

The citizens protested President Lenin Moreno’s support for loosening restrictions on abortions, as well as his promotion of various gender-ideological platforms.

Many hoped after his 2017 election that the left-leaning Moreno would be a more conciliatory figure both in terms of policy and style, compared to his pugilistic predecessor, Rafael Correa. While Moreno has made moves to mend international fences diplomatically, his proposed policies for Ecuador show that he is committed to ushering Ecuador into pro-abortion, pro-LGBT policies.

Hundreds of thousands of parents took to the streets in concern, demanding that any “reform” movement to legalize abortion in the country should be definitively closed.  Organizers estimate that 200,000 mothers and fathers participated in the port city of Guayaquil alone, with other demonstrations in Ecuador’s capital, Quito. The cities of Cueneca, Manta, and Machala showed support with smaller, but powerful demonstrations as well.

Traditionally, South American governments have had a more pro-life stance than in Europe and North America.  Four of the nations have banned the practice outright, six more allow it only in extreme medical necessity, six allow abortions in the case of rape, while Ecuador only allows abortion in the case of rape if the woman has mental illness.

Ed. Note: The source of the above graph is a pro-abortion organization.

Recently, the Vice-President of Argentina, Gabriela Michetti told La Nacion that had she been involved in the creation of the abortion law passed in 2012, she wouldn’t have permitted raped women to legally access abortion.

I understand the drama that it entails. But there are so many dramas in life that we cannot fix that, for me, just because this drama exists, we’ll say that one can end a life. I mean, you can put the baby up for adoption and it’ll be fine.

Argentina is embroiled in its own battle for life, with Congress currently working on a draft project to provide abortion free of charge in all national clinics. Argentinian President Mauricio Macri has signaled he would not veto a legalization if it passes.

While the saintly former president of Ecuador, Gabriel Garcia Moreno, would likely weep over the state of the Ecuadorian government today, he is undoubtedly proud of the citizens for their public support of life in this historically Catholic country.