Paris: The meeting of Catholic apostolates, October 17

Source: FSSPX News


Eyewitness account of a participant: Sursum corda!

This Sunday October 17, in Paris, between two drizzles, by the Seine not far from Bercy, for those who really wanted to see, the sun was shining with a revigorating light in the Espace Austerlitz. The district of France gathered on behalf of their friends of the region, a great number of organizations allied or sympathetic to the SSPX. A kind of friendship meeting of French Catholics.

Spread out in a large room, a wide range of stands welcomed many visitors. Without being able to list them all in a few lines, the spiritual nourishment which the religious communities of Mérigny or Le Rafflay brought, relayed by several publishers including Chiré and Clovis, took root in the earthly comforts offered by various regional products (ah, the foie gras of the Morille brothers …) and found possible areas of action in the movements dedicated to the young. As one of the organizers remarked: “Head in the heavens and feet on the ground.” A beautiful and very useful lesson in equilibrium, all in all: neither naturalism nor supernaturalism. As proof of this, 10th graders of St. Bernard’s School helped with the logistics for this day. Not yet adults, but already no longer children, witnesses, in the humility of their task, of the transmission of values desired by Archbishop Lefebvre.

The unborn child, to be educated, to be made responsible – was the key subject of this day. But not in today’s sense, as the child-king whose whims alone rule his development. On the contrary, as a child certain of a Catholic and French future. The large conference hall is echoing still, we hope for a long time, with the profound accents of the participants. Without “miserabilism”, sometimes with humor, with acuity, intelligence and always wholeheartedness, Catholic France expressed herself at the heart of her capital. How could we not understand that with inadequate means, God can intervene if He wishes and if our prayers deserve it. How could one not be transported by the strength of conviction of the much applauded closing speech by Fr. Régis de Cacqueray? Times are hard for upright hearts, but it is this conviction, built on Christian hope, which makes it bearable.

Here’s to next year. In greater numbers, in the stands and around them: this success of Traditional organizations deserves every effort and every sacrifice. It would be unseemly to remain on the shore when God’s work awaits and calls us. Sursum corda: victory belongs to God, may his Mother help us to contribute a little more!