Philippines: In Montemaria, the Statue of the Virgin Will Peak at 322 Feet

Source: FSSPX News

Since the 2000s, a monumental sanctuary has been under construction in Batangas. The Filipino Lourdes should be inaugurated in 2021 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the archipelago. On this occasion the highest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world will be blessed.

The statue of Our Lady of Peace in Venezuela, 46 meters high (157 feet), will no longer be the highest monument in the world dedicated to the Virgin. The “Mother of All Asia” will peak at 98 meters (322 feet).

Designed by the Filipino sculptor Eduardo De los Santos Castrillo, who died in 2016, the monumental sculpture has been under construction for five years in Batangas, a major pilgrimage site in the archipelago. Erected facing the sea, on Montemaria hill, the Mother of All Asia will be dedicated to the protection of all Asian peoples.

Located on a plateau overlooking the Verde Island Passage and the entrance to Batangas Bay, the sanctuary will be visible from almost all ships coming from the Southern Philippines and international ships entering the China Sea to use the Batangas International Port.

But Montemaria – Mary’s Mount - is not just a statue looking beyond the seas. It is a true Marian complex, already spread over 22 hectares, with a dozen chapels, a monumental way of the cross, a rosary garden, but also a thousand hotel rooms and two residential subdivisions for pilgrims, retirees, and ... tourists.

A commercial business district and a shopping center are also to be constructed next to health and wellness facilities.

Nothing is too beautiful or too big for Mary in a country that, on May 20, 2019, established the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, on September 8, as a national holiday.