Philippines: News of the Next Rosa Mystica Mission

Source: FSSPX News

The Catholic Association of Nurses, Doctors and Health Professionals (ACIM) valiantly continues the work of Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès, who died on August 28, 2020.

Here is the latest news of the Rosa Mystica mission, scheduled for next June, given to us by Bernadette Dickès - wife and faithful collaborator of Jean-Pierre -, Dr Philippe de Geofroy who has taken over the direction of the mission in recent years, and Véronique Pedroni as devoted as ever.

This is where the medical mission was to take place in 2020. The Covid restrictions made it necessary to take place on an itinerant basis, in the middle of the surrounding mountains, from village to village.

After that, Yolly, the nurse recruited by Jean Pierre Dickès to be the local ACIM representative, remained in Butuan for a few months to continue the mission. It is there that the Society of St. Pius X established a chapel a few years ago in an area set aside for the relocation of poor families.

Located by the river, this area is frequently flooded. This is what happened in December 2020: the water rose very quickly, the poor saw the rare items they owned drift away. Add to that the living conditions: no sanitation, sewage, and remains usually end up in the countryside around the settlement. Everyone walks barefoot in the mud… Imagine the health consequences!

But accustomed to natural disasters, the inhabitants clean, repair, and resume their routine.

This year the Covid crisis again prevents us from organizing the usual mission with volunteers from all over the world, but Providence had another trick up its sleeve!

In December 2019, Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer, prior of Davao and chaplain of the annual mission, was contacted by natives who had come to attend his Mass. They came from Mamanwa, 380 km north of Davao near a large lake (Surigao).

They did not leave empty-handed! Food, miraculous medals and an “express catechism” course which is Fr. Tim’s secret for touching souls.

These natives belong to the Negritos (little blacks, in Spanish) tribe. They are indeed small in stature, dark skinned and frizzy hair. It is believed to be the oldest tribe in the Philippines, predating later migrations from Malaysia and China. They are often animists. NGOs in the name of “religio-diversity” and ecology oppose their evangelization, and the local bishop does no better in the name of religious freedom.

Yolly, who is the head of the local mission, sent us a letter asking for our help in organizing an apostolic and medical mission in this village. She rightly reminds us that Catholicism, which this year celebrates its 500th anniversary in the Philippines, has been a factor in unifying the country and bringing the endless tribal struggles to an end.

We gave our assent. This mission will take place around the month of June, most likely without foreigners, barring the unexpected and miraculous opening of the borders.

We still ask for your prayers and your material help so that this new Rosa Mystica Mission can unfold, as well as the previous ones, under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we do not doubt, under the approving eye of its founder.

This mission can only continue through the charity of its donors. If you want to participate in this beautiful work of spiritual and corporal mercy, all the practical information is listed below. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Bernadette Dickès                   Véronique Pedroni                  Philippe de Geofroy

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