Pilgrims at Heart

Source: FSSPX News

Notre-Dame de Chartres emerging from the Beauce plain

The pilgrimage to Pontmain was restricted due to the Coronavirus. The Pentecost pilgrimage will not take place for the second year in a row due to sanitary measures. Should we resign ourselves to standing still, moaning, and complaining endlessly? Take note of the following by Fr. Alain Lorans.

I prefer the prayer of Péguy, humble and lofty:

Morning star, inaccessible queen,

Here we are walking towards your illustrious court,

And here is the plateau of our poor love,

And here is the ocean of our immense grief.

There is a confinement that is much more restrictive than all sanitary confinements, and that is mental confinement. To let yourself be locked into the surrounding mentality is to be sure of morally stagnating and of languishing spiritually, with the illusion of freedom, - that of wandering and drifting like a drunken boat, without an anchor point.

I like Péguy better and his reminder of the roots:

Two thousand years of labor have made this land

An endless reservoir for new ages.

A thousand years of your grace have made this work

An endless resting place for the lonely soul.

To allow yourself to be confined in secularism is to place your existence in a neutrality where there would no longer be objectively neither good nor bad, neither true nor false. Nothing but an individual good and a temporary truth. Chimeras of a world where the mask surreptitiously becomes a gag: we keep quiet and we hide.

Instead, I choose Péguy and his call to rise:

It is stone without stain and stone without fault,

The highest prayer we have ever carried,

The most righteous reason we've ever thrown away,

And towards a borderless sky the highest line.

Small streams make great rivers. Local pilgrimages will prepare for the next national pilgrimage. It is through them that the river of pilgrims to Lourdes will return, crossing the Gave river to meditate at the foot of the grotto. And also, God willing, the great river of devout faithful, spanning the Seine will gather in the shadow of St. Louis Cathedral, Place Vauban.

Fr. Alain Lorans