Poland and Switzerland: Posters of Atheist Propaganda

Source: FSSPX News

From October 26 until November 2009, various Swiss cities have authorized advertisements from free-thinkers. The motto of the posters reads: “There is probably no God, so do not worry and enjoy life” in big letters across the advertisement boards rented for this atheistic advertisement campaign. According to the free daily  20 Minuten, these posters will nevertheless remain forbidden in Lucerne.
Rico de Bona, who is responsible for the urban spaces and demonstrations in Lucerne, declared: “Posters encouraging people to leave their churches are not tolerated in Lucerne.” However the Socialist Party has already protested against this decision. In Lucerne Christians demonstrators had threatened companies owning public transportation vehicles with setting their buses on fire if such posters were displayed on the walls or on the buses.  – Together with this advertisement campaign, events on the theme: “Without God – life without religion” are taking place in Basel, Berne, Zurich, Zug and Sankt Gallen.

A campaign against God and religion is likewise scheduled in Krakow (Poland): its promoters want, according to their own statements, post ads with “positive messages” on bus line n°8 whose route goes before the bishop’s residence in the city. According to their press releases, atheists and agnostics have scheduled a first national demonstration for October 10 in Krakow. This meeting, which means to oppose any discrimination against atheists et agnostics, has for its motto: “morals without faith.” The organizers expect some 150 participants.

This campaign of propaganda rouses anger from Catholic Poles who lodged their complaints with the companies of public transportation and want to prevent such a “provocation” on the cities buses and trolleys, reported the daily Nasz Dziennik  in its September 21, 2009 issue. (DICI n° 202  - 17/10/09 – Sources: apic/kna)