Poland: Introduction of Communion in the hand

Source: FSSPX News


The primate of the Catholic Church in Poland, Cardinal Josef Glemp has authorized priests in his archdiocese of Warsaw to give Communion in the hand. This new practice will cause a diminishing of respect on the part of the faithful towards Jesus Christ,” said Maciej Giertych, the European delegate of the LPR (League of Polish Families, national conservative party).What is more, the danger of profanation of Hosts will increase, according to the LPR representative, who recalled certain instances in Italy where the Host was taken away to be sold to Satanists. According to Maciej Giertych, Cardinal Glemp has yielded to a “Western fashion”. He called on the faithful to write letters of protest to the primate.

Cardinal Glemp’s message was read out on Sunday February 6 in all the Churches in the archdiocese of Warsaw. The prelate laid down three conditions for receiving Communion in the hand: to be confirmed, to love Jesus Christ very much, and to hold out one’s hand correctly. (sic)