Poland: The largest statue of Christ is in Swiebodzin

Source: FSSPX News

Like the Christ of the Concordia in Bolivia and the Christ of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the Christ of Swiebodzin, in Western Poland, is a completely white statue that is 33 meters [108 feet] tall – symbolizing the 33 years of Christ’s life on earth.  But unlike the first two statues, this Christ wears a golden crown three meters tall, giving it a total height of 36 meters [118 feet].  Shortly before its dedication on November 21, Bishop Zygmunt Regmunt, Ordinary of Zielona Góra-Gorzów, stated, “this is a token of our respect by which we want to honor the Savior and acknowledge his universal kingship.  Faith cannot remain only an internal act.  It must also be expressed externally.  This monument is nothing other than a testimony of faith.”

Father Sylwester Zawadzki, pastor of Divine Mercy parish in Swiebodzin, is at the origin of this incredible project.  His objective was to commemorate the 2005 consecration to Christ the King of this city of 40,000 inhabitants, located 32 kilometers [20 miles] from the German border. Some rumors claim that to begin with the priest wanted only a “small lawn sculpture”….  With time, the ambitions grew.  “This is my life’s work….  It will be the greatest catechist.  Europe needs catechists like Christ,” the pastor declared to AFP.

Although some Catholics thought that they were wasting money by setting up such a sculpture, many, both in Poland and abroad, did not hesitate to donate considerable sums.  Bishop Regmunt likewise made sure to thank the municipal and regional authorities, who always supported the project.  (Sources : Apic/AFP - DICI no. 227 dated December 18, 2010)