Poland: A New Anticlerical Party Enters Parliament

Source: FSSPX News

Janusz Palikot.

A new anticlerical party has entered the Polish parliament at the close of the legislative elections of October 9, 2011. With 9.5% of the votes, the “Palikot” Movement surprised everyone in becoming the third political force in the country. One of the essential themes of Palikot’s election campaign was its demand for a strict separation of Church and State, particularly hoping to take down the crucifixes from public buildings. In its platform it states that, “the Catholic Church must no longer receive money from the state budget” and that “courses teaching religion must disappear from the schools.”

The name “Palikot” comes from the name of the founder of the party, Janusz Palikot, 46, who until last year sat in parliament in the ranks of the liberal right party, which was in power in Poland. In October 2010, this anticlerical movement held demonstrations in front of several episcopal sees against “Catholic Church intervention in politics.” (Sources : apic/kna – DICI n°242 du 14/10/11)