Poland: Preachers Inspired by… the Internet

Source: FSSPX News


American Catholic News Agency CNS has reported the complaint of Fr. Wieslaw Przyczyna, a Polish specialist in the art of preaching. He lamented that priests merely copy texts they found on the Internet on Saturday evening, in order to hastily put together their Sunday sermons. He added that more and more Polish Catholics complain that their priests read their homilies. Some of the faithful even found the texts copied by their pastors on the Internet, and some even came to Mass with a copy of the plagiarized text.

“People realize that their priests often do not speak of themselves but merely read somebody else’s text,” continued Fr. Przyczyna who is the head of the Department of Religious Communication at the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Krakow. “Such a behavior creates a gap between priests and their communities and causes a serious communication problem,” he added. “Priests should speak to people in front of them, not to a virtual audience.”

In the book he wrote on this issue together with jurist Tomasz Naganowski, Fr. Wieslaw Przyczyna believes that Polish seminarians ought to know the legal situation, especially the notion of copyright, and be informed of this during their studies. (Source: CNS/APIC)