Poland: A traveling museum of John Paul II crisscrosses the country

Source: FSSPX News

Six years after the death of John Paul II and one month before his beatification in Rome, a truck-museum is traveling the roads of Poland.  This display of objects that had belonged to the pope—such as his first skis, his rosary and his breviary—was inaugurated on March 31 in Krakow, where Karol Wojtyla was archbishop before his election to the papacy, explained Agnieszka Odbierzychleb, who is in charge of the project.  “The exhibition will crisscross the whole country and will stop in all the cities that invite it,” she added.

In the 18-meter [59-foot] truck, in the Vatican colors white and yellow, the visitor will find, besides Karol Wojtyla’s first pair of wooden skis, the clock from the summer residence of the pope in Castel Gandolfo that is said to have stopped at 21:37, the hour when John Paul II died on April 2, 2005.  (Sources : apic/afp – DICI no. 233 dated April 16, 2011)

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