Pope Criticizes “Ideological Manipulations” by International Organizations

Source: FSSPX News


For Benedict XVI, “international discussions often seem marked by a relativistic logic which would consider as the sole guarantee of peaceful coexistence between peoples a refusal to admit the truth about man and his dignity, to say nothing of the possibility of an ethics based on recognition of the natural moral law.” “The bitter fruits of this relativistic logic are sadly evident: we think, for example, of the attempt to consider as human rights the consequences of certain self-centered lifestyles; a lack of concern for the economic and social needs of the poorer nations; contempt for humanitarian law, and a selective defense of human rights.” “This has led, in effect, to the imposition of a notion of law and politics which ultimately makes consensus between states – a consensus conditioned at times by short-term interests or manipulated by ideological pressure.” And the pope deplored that this type of consensus was considered as “the only real basis of international norms.”

Benedict XVI invited Catholic-inspired NGOs to “counter relativism creatively by presenting the great truths about man’s innate dignity and the rights which are derived from that dignity.” According to the pope, they must promote “as a body those ethical principles which, by their very nature and their role as the basis of social life, remain non-negotiable .”

Whereas the Italian papers reported these words and called them “an attack for the pope against UNO”, Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, was keen to specify that the Sovereign Pontiff did say exactly: “international discussions often seem marked by a relativistic logic”. “In contrast to what was written, he had not attacked the United Nations, nor had he said that it is ’dominated’ by moral relativism," explained Father Lombardi.” “Benedict XVI, as well as his predecessors, is perfectly conscious of the importance of the United Nations for peace and the defense of human rights, to the point that with joy he has accepted the invitation to visit the glass palace of New York next year," the spokesman of the Vatican added.

Benedict XVI will speak from the rostrum of UNO on April 18, 2008. Paul VI had gone there in 1965, and said: “Never war again!” John-Paul II gave two addresses there, in 1979 and 1995.

In March 2006, Benedict XVI had invited the representatives of the Holy See to International Organizations to “participate authoritatively in the prophetic responsibility of the Church, which intends to continue raising her voice in humanity’s defence, even when State policy or the majority opinion take the opposite direction.”