Pope Francis Denies Resignation Rumors

Source: FSSPX News

Rumors, especially disseminated in the Italian press, in recent days have evoked the possible resignation of the Sovereign Pontiff. In an interview with a Spanish radio station on August 30, 2021, some of which was broadcast in a preview, the Pope rejects the rumors of his resignation.

Spanish radio COPE was the first to be granted an interview by the Pope since his hospitalization in early July. For an hour and a half, the Pope answered questions from Carlos Herrera, especially about his health.

To a direct question about his state of health, Francis replies: “I am alive.” The Pope had to undergo an operation lasting nearly two hours - a left hemi-colectomy - from which he is struggling to fully recover. He admitted in particular on August 27 that he was still in the post-operative period.

The Pope added this clarification: “it was a nurse, a man with a lot of experience, who saved my life,” who understood his health problem. It is assumed that it was this person who guided the diagnosis that led to the operation.

An article in Libero Quoditiano on August 23 did not hesitate to state that the Pope “has expressed his intention to leave,” without citing any source. The reasons would have been health and age, since Francis will be 85 years old on December 17, the age at which Benedict XVI resigned. Following this newspaper, several articles appeared that even began to talk about conclave.

Regarding these speculations in the press on a possible resignation, Francis answers: “when a pope is sick, a wind or a hurricane of a conclave rises.” This interview on COPE radio is undoubtedly intended to calm the winds.

The question of a possible resignation by Pope Francis has already been raised several times during his pontificate, but it would undoubtedly take very special circumstances to get him to that point.