Pope Francis Pleads to “Rehabilitate the Dignity of Politics”

Source: FSSPX News

On December 1, 2017, the pope sent a video message to the participants in the “Meeting of Catholics who assume political responsibility in the service of Latin American peoples”. He encouraged Catholics to be involved in the public domain.


The pope spoke of politics as a “high form of charity” explicitly referring to Pius XII’s teachings on the matter, and adding that in certain cases “politicians may (even) be considered as ‘martyrs’ to causes for the common good of their nations”.

While politics is “above all, service”, and should not serve the purposes of personal ambition, “there is no need to oppose service to power”, Francis recalled, for “nobody wants an impotent power”.

At a time when political parties are losing their credibility, the pope called for “politicians who put the common good before their own private interests, who are not intimidated by the great financial and media powers”.

Francis also deplored the lack of Catholic involvement in politics in Latin America, a country so dear to him, remarking that many political leaders who claim to be Catholic show “a lack of coherence with the ethical and religious convictions of Catholic teaching”.

It is good to hear the Holy Father speak in such a way and ask for coherence between the service of the common good of society and the convictions of Catholic teaching. If only he were to set the example in the service of the common good of the Church! With regards to the ongoing confusion, for example, in morals (welcoming homosexuals and access to the Eucharist for the divorced and “remarried”) and doctrine: the unity of the Church, the necessity of the divine and Catholic Faith for salvation, and the condemnation of the errors of Luther and other heretics and schismatics.