Pope Francis Says Not Going to Mass is a Sin

Source: FSSPX News

In an address given in Italian during the general audience on December 13, 2017, the Holy Father continued his series on the Mass, this time answering the question: “Why go to Mass on Sunday?"


“As Christians, we celebrate the Eucharist in order to encounter the Lord,”  explained Francis.

“Besides, the disciples were right,” explained the pope, adding that “they themselves had the habit of celebrating the Eucharistic encounter on Sunday, for it was the day of the resurrection and the pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” 

“In many secularized societies, we have lost the sense of Sunday illuminated by the Mass,” lamented Francis, before insisting: “This is a sin!” 

As for not working on Sunday, the Holy Father recalled that at first, in the Roman Empire, “not working on Sunday did not exist”; “it was a specifically Christian contribution”, for by passing “from the condition of slaves to that of children of God, Sunday was transformed into a day of rest occupied by the Mass.” 

“We go to Mass,” concluded Francis, because “we need the grace of Jesus”, and without the Mass we “cannot be credible witnesses” to our faith.

It is good to hear the pope recall our duty to sanctify Sundays. This duty is one of the precepts of the Church, and corresponds to the third commandment of God: “Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day.” It consists in abstaining from servile work and rendering to God the worship that is due to Him, in all justice, in spirit and in truth (see Jn. 4:23). Assisting at Holy Mass is the most perfect means of rendering to God this sacrosanct worship. Here we see the whole drama of the post-conciliar liturgical reform, which altered several essential truths of the doctrine of the Catholic Mass, thus justifying the defense of the traditional Mass.

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