The pope greets the reforms begun by the president of the UN

Source: FSSPX News


John-Paul II greeted the initiative of reform of the United Nations Organization by Julian Robert Hunte, president of the 58th session of the General assembly of the United Nations, received in audience February 7th, 2004. The pope hopes that these reforms will be favorably welcomed by member states.

“I hope that member states are going to consider your reform as a clear moral and political obligation which calls for prudence and determination, and as one of the pre-requisite necessities for the growth of the international order in the service of the whole human family”, he declared to Julian Robert Hunte.

“You began a restructuring with the aim of making the Organization more effective”, said the pope, recalling that “the Holy See considers the United Nations Organization as a significant means of promotion of the universal common good”. For John-Paul II, “this reform is not only going to insure the superior efficiency of the UN in the just resolution of the international problems, but also to allow it to become an ever-more respectable authority for the international community”.