The pope received the American Jewish Committee

Source: FSSPX News


Benedict XVI spoke before a delegation of the American Jewish Committee on March 16, 2006. "The three monotheistic religions are called to cooperate with one another for common good of mankind serving justice and peace in the world", he stated. "This is especially important today when particular attention must be given to teaching respect for God, for religions and their symbols, and for holy sites and places of worship." "Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in the one God, Creator of heaven and earth", also stated the pope before the Jewish delegation. Benedict XVI then stressed that  "Religious leaders" had "a responsibility to work for reconciliation through genuine dialogue and acts of human solidarity."

"I trust that this meeting will further encourage your efforts to increase friendship between the Jewish people and the Catholic Church", also declared the pope to the American delegation. Recalling the recent celebration of the 40th anniversary of the conciliar declaration Nostra Ætate (October 28, 1965), Benedict XVI noted that it made possible the development  of "a dialogue characterized by mutual respect and love." "Indeed, Jews and Christians have a rich common patrimony", also observed the sovereign pontiff, adding that "our relationship [is] unique among the religions of the world".