Pope’s secretary warns against Europe’s Islamization

Source: FSSPX News


“We must not minimize the attempts to Islamize the West, and the danger which would ensue for Europe’s identity must not be ignored under the pretext of a deceptively considerate solicitude. Catholicism sees this well and states it clearly. The West cannot ignore the attempts of Islamization to which it is submitted. Respect for Islam must not cause us to underestimate the risks for Europe’s identity. (…)

“I consider the Regensburg Address prophetic, such as it was made” by Benedict XVI at Regensburg University on September 12, 2006. The pope wanted to “oppose a certain naivety”. (See DICI n° 142).

“We must be aware that there is not one single Islam, and that it does not recognize one unique voice which would engage all Muslims. Under the concept of Islam, we find many different trends, often inimical to each other, and  the extremists who claim to follow the Koran and yet wield guns.

Through the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, the Holy See is trying to establish an interreligious contact and promote meetings.” (Sources: AFP/cipa)