Portugal : Desecration of shrines. After Assisi, Fatima?

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An impious project

This inter-religious congress under the care of the Vatican and the UN took place on October 10, 11, 12 at Fatima. Were present Mgr Fitzgerald, head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, cardinal José de Cruz Policarpo, Patriarch of Lisbon, Mgr Luciano Guerra, rector of the sanctuary of Fatima, Fr. Jacques Dupuis, a Belgian Jesuit well-known for his heterodox theological opinions, as well as representatives from Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism…

The rector of the shrine, Mgr Luciano Guerra declared : " The future of Fatima, or the adoration of God and His mother at this holy Shrine, must pass through the creation of a shrine where different religions can mingle. The interreligious dialogue in Portugal, and in the Catholic Church, is still in an embryonic phase, but the Shrine of Fatima is not indifferent to this fact and is already open to being a universalistic place of vocation."

Mgr Guerra also "pointed out that the very fact that Fatima is the name of a Muslim and Mohammed’s daughter, is indicative that the Shrine must be open to the co-existence of various faiths and beliefs. According to the Monsignor: ‘Therefore we must assume that it was the will of the Blessed Virgin Mary that this comes about this way.’ Traditional Catholics opposed to the Congress were described by the Monsignor as ‘old fashioned, narrow minded, fanatic extremists and provocateurs’."

The Hindu representative, Ansshok Ansraj, explained how millions of Hindus in Asia already receive "positive vibrations" when visiting Marian shrines, while not endangering their own belief.

Fr. Jacques Dupuis insisted upon the necessity of a union of all the religions of the world. "The religion of the future will be a general convergence of all religions into one universal Christ which will satisfy everyone", he declared, explaining that "the other religious traditions which exist in the world are part and parcel of the divine plan for mankind; and that the Holy Ghost is present and at work in the sacred texts of Buddhism, Hinduism, of Christians and non-Christians". He added : "The universality of God’s kingdom allows this and it is nothing more than a diversified way of access to the common mystery of salvation. At the end, we hope that the Christian will be a better Christian, and each Hindu a better Hindu."

The Canadian journalist, John Vennari, who was there gave a detail account of this inter-religious meeting. He heard Fr. Dupuis say about the dogma "outside the Church there is no salvation" : " There is no need to invoke here that horrible text from the Council of Florence in 1442". We place here a link towards this very interesting article: Fatima to Become Interfaith Shrine?

One official declaration at the congress recommended an approach free of proselytism on the part of each religion. "No religion can eliminate the other or gain strength by downplaying the others", we read, next to this statement. "An open dialogue leads to building bridges and to destroying the walls erected by centuries of hatred. What is requested is that each religion integrally respects its own belief and that it treats with others on an equal footing, without either superiority or inferiority complex." This declaration insists upon the secret of peace between religions which is to admit that contradictions exist between the different confessions but to concentrate upon what unites them rather than upon what divides them.

The delegates were told that all the religious shrines, Fatima included, should be updated every 25 years so as to reflect the contemporary trends and beliefs. The Fatima Shrine will soon be completely remodeled with a new stadium-like basilica, built beside the present basilica erected in 1921.

This new shrine will become a center where all the religions of the world will gather to worship their own god(s).

We can only support John Vennari’s advice : " In the mid 1990’s, on a Mexican radio station, the Rector of the Shrine of Guadalupe denied the truth that Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared at Tepayac Hill. The people of Mexico were outraged and protested against the audacity. Within a year, the Shrine Rector was gone. The same must be done at Fatima."

Catholics all over the world must raise their voice in protest against the outrage done to the Catholic faith and the Mother of God. For such an outrage will take place again if nothing is undertaken against this project of an inter-religious center in Fatima.

The action of M.J.C.F.

The prior of the Society of Saint Pius X in Portugal, Father Danjou, had organized two ceremonies in reparation for this insult to Our Lady, together with the distribution of 35,000 pamphlets at Fatima. He found great helpers in the young people of the M.J.C.F. [Catholic Youth Group in France] who came especially from the South-East of France.

On Saturday, after the conference by the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon, Mgr José de Cruz Policarpo, these young people had the following interview with him.

MJCF: Your Eminence, I would like to have some precision. In your speech you said that "each religion when practiced with sincerity was leading to God", yet Sr Lucy of Fatima in Os Apelos, commenting upon the first commandment, says that "there is only one God who deserves our adoration, the other divinities are nothing, are worth nothing and can do nothing for us". How are we to reconcile those two visions of God ?

Mgr P.: But, my boy, such a vision is outmoded. What are those divinities Sr Lucy is talking about ? We Christians, Muslims, Jews… we all have the same God.

MJC: (Silent, aghast, wide-eyed)

Mgr P.: Of course, the faith must be christocentric, but the other religions are in progress towards Christ, each is more or less advance, that’s all!

M.J.C.F.: Yet we do not have the same religion as the Muslims or the Jews. Then, how can one say we have the same God?

Mgr P.: You know, I did a lot of studying when I was young… If you’re a Christian, as you say you are, it’s a question of culture, that’s because you were taught so. For the Muslim, it’s just the same…

M.J.C.F.: But, Your Eminence, how far will ecumenism go ?

Mgr P.: Each religion has something to teach you. Experience of other religions is very important, we’ve got a lot to learn from them.

M.J.C.F.: But yet it is written in the Koran : "Do not take the Christians or the Jews for your friends".

Mgr P.: You’ve read the Koran, my boy?

M.J.C.F.: … Yes, twice!

Mgr P.: In Arabic?

M.J.C.F.: No, but our religion is based on Revelation. Could the so-called prophet Mohammed truly have received a part of Revelation?

Mgr P.: You must have read a bad translation. Islam has a lot to teach you.

M.J.C.F.: In the Apocalypse, the apostle St John warns us to beware of false prophets… Is Mohammed a false prophet?

Mgr P. (he was getting nervous): Young man, I leave you the full responsibility of the answer!

(The cardinal brushed them aside to go, but one of the young people held him back slightly)

M.J.C.F.: Your Eminence, you did not answer my question, I believe?

Mgr P.: It may be said that in the time of Jeremias, Mohammed would have been considered a false prophet.

(He went away, pushing the young aside… and without saying goodbye.)

The next day, the entrance was guarded by three people, the young of the M.J.C.F. had to give two proofs of identity each in order to be allowed inside.

A priest called after them at the door : You may not enter!

M.J.C.F.: But we have an authorization…

The priest: OK, but then not a single question! And he stayed behind them during the whole conference.

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