Precious Blood, Priceless Ransom, Have Mercy on Us

Source: FSSPX News

Whither shall we look for deliverance? Not to ourselves, for we know the practical infinity of our weakness, and the incorrigible vitality of our corruption.

Not to any earthly power, for it has no jurisdiction here. Not to philosophy, literature, or science, for in this case they are but sorry and unhelpful matters.

Not to any saint, however holy, nor to any angel, however mighty, for the least sin is a bigger mountain than they have faculties to move.

Not to the crowned queen of God’s creation, the glorious and the sinless Mary; for even her holiness cannot satisfy for sin, nor the whiteness of her purity take out its deadly stain.

Neither may we look for deliverance direct from the patience and compassion of God himself, for in the abysses of his wisdom it has been decreed that without shedding of blood there shall be no remission of sin.

It is from the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ alone that our salvation comes. Out of the immensity of its merits, out of the inexhaustible treasures of its satisfactions, because of the resistless power of its beauty over the justice and the wrath of God, because of that dear combination of its priceless worth and its benignant prodigality, we miserable sinners are raised out of the depths of our wretchedness and restored to the peace and favor of our Heavenly Father.