Precious Blood, Saving Bath for Our Sinful Souls, Have Mercy on Us!

Source: FSSPX News

We have then to remember that it is the office of the Precious Blood to reconquer for God an empire which sin has wrested from Him, and to govern and administer this empire in proportion as it reconquers it.

To us fallen creatures Conversion is the most interesting divine act of which we are able to take intimate cognizance. It is an act going on in the world at all moments, and which must happen to every one of us, either in the waters of baptism or out of them, if we are to be saved. Moreover, it is an act which may be repeated several times in each individual soul.

It is to our supernatural being what Creation is to our natural being. The one calls us out of nothingness into life: the other out of darkness into light. The one makes us citizens of earth; the other citizens of heaven.

In each Conversion there is a marvelous, orderly, yet entangled history. There is a look of contrivance about the Precious Blood. It was to be got from Mary’s heart. Her heart was to be hindered, by a strange miracle of anticipation, through the very virtue of the unformed Precious Blood itself, from coming under the law of sin.