Press release by the March 25 Foundation

Source: FSSPX News


1) What is the March 25 Foundation?

It is a non-profit association of Cordoba, founded by three Catholic priests: Frs. Fernando Altamira, Claudio Formica and Sebastian de Cándido, who belong to a society called the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

The founder of this Society is the deceased French bishop, Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre.

2) Where are the headquarters of the Foundation?

In Villa Allende (near to Cordoba).

3) What are the aims of the March 25 Foundation?

- Its essential aim is to “defend the goods and the values which have always been taught and defended by the Catholic Church, the natural law and sound morals. In particular and especially, the right to life, and in a very special way, the right to life of the child conceived in his mother’s womb (the totally defenceless child) against every type of aggression, in particular abortion by whatever method; understanding that a person or human being exists from the very moment of conception, that is to say, when the spermatozoon fertilizes the ovum, which marks the beginning of pregnancy.”

- Encompassing this objective, it undertakes to achieve the following:

a) To extend this defense to the protection of childhood, of adolescence, of youth, and including adults and the elderly, against all possible attacks; and in particular – by way of example – in anything to do with pornography, prostitution and other attacks against morality.

b) To work also for the help and protection of mothers in difficulty, in particular those in a situation of poverty.

c) To favor the large family, recalling that procreation (having children) is the first and principal end of marriage.

d) To encourage the protection of the so called “collective incidence” rights, according to the terms of article 43 of the National Constitution and which, in a certain way, are in contact with the social objective, Catholic values and principles, the natural law and, very importantly, with the common good of the nation

4) Why have you chosen the name March 25 Foundation?

We have chosen this name because of the values we are defending – amongst others, life newly conceived.

In this sense, March 25 is the date on which, more than 2000 years ago, the Word of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, God as the Father and the Holy Ghost, was conceived in the most pure womb of Our Lady; this is what the Catholic Church commemorates on this date, with the Feast of the Annunciation.

Thus we defend the life of those who have been conceived, just as Our Lord was on March 25.

Moreover, by Providence, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre died on March 25 in the year 1991.

5) What exactly does the resolution passed by the federal judge of Cordoba, Mrs. Cristina Garzon de Lascano, consist of?

Mrs. Cristina Garzon de Lascono has taken an historic measure, unique in the world history of jurisprudence which shows, apart from the integrity and the merit of this worthy magistrate, that, when one seeks what is correct according to truth and justice, one must not hesitate to use the appropriate means.

She has therefore ordered, throughout the entire nation, the ban of the manufacture and sale of contraceptives and all the different models of IUD.

The justification for this measure is that we have demonstrated categorically, and provided proof, that all devices which prevent conception and IUDs are abortifacient.

The proofs are numerous and varied; worthy of special attention is what the laboratories say in their propectuses, in certain cases in a technical manner, in others more plainly: the material prevents the fecondated ovule – the newly conceived child – from implanting in the mother’s endometrium and, by this fact, is abortifacient.

6) Why do you say that it is a unique and historic decision?

I do not merely say it, it is a fact, for it is the first time in history, and it is the first country in the world, in which a decision of such magnitude has been taken. Argentina, in this fight against abortion, in this case abortion produced by contraceptives and IUDs, has moved to the forefront of this fight on a worldwide level; and we sincerely hope that the Catholics of other Latin American countries will imitate our battle and undertake others, since all our legislations on this point are similar.

7) What does His Holiness John Paul II think of what you have done?

We do not have any official information, but we believe that if he knew, he would be very pleased.

On the other hand, a copy of the 50 page judgement was sent, via e-mail, to the Nuncio at Buenos Aires and to pratically all the Archbishops of Argentina.

Furthermore, without being able to confirm this news, it would seem that Pope John Paul II has sent his personal congratulations to the judge, to Crèches de Belén and to Women for Life.

8) What else did your association ask for?

We have asked that, apart from their prohibition and manufacture, all these elements be destroyed, something we will only obtain at the end of the lawsuit.

9) Against whom is this lawsuit being fought, and who is the defender?

The defender is the national State, in particular the Minister of Health and Social Action.

10) Who is demanding the reinforcement of these pro-abortion policies, the Law of Reproductive Health, the mass usage of contraceptives and IUDs, etc. in Argentina?

We have already demonstrated by different ways and means to the same Argentine bishops: those who demand these iniquities of Argentina, are the IMF, the World Bank, etc.; and if we do not comply, there will be no money for us. It is macabre. Moreover, as we explained recently to the Argentine bishops, according to the Diario Los Andes de Mendoza: “it is UNICEF which is behind it ”. What hypocrisy!

11) What reactions are you expecting?

We believe that the National State and the multinational pharmaceuticals will be furious and capable of doing anything to destroy what we have obtained.

12) What other facets must the fight against abortion have?

Here we want to make an appeal to all the people, men and women of our country.

Take note of what we are going to say:

This country – so far as we know – is full of abortion clinics and local midwives also carry out abortions.

There are many people who know where, how and by whom these abortions are carried out; we ask everyone not to be afraid, let them seek out the information at their disposal and make a denunciation – anonymously if they wish – citing all the details. Let them mail it to their Provincial Tribunal, and send a photocopy of the same letter to:

- the police department,

- the National Police,

- and to the Defender of Little ones

…so that we might triumph over these places, destroy these centers, and put these abortionists behind bars.

13) We wish to make a final recommendation:

- We filially dedicate this effort and the work we have devoted to obtaining this judgement, to the Holy Trinity, the one true God, and to the Holy Faith, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman.

- We dedicate it equally to the Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

- These “silent abortions” destroy, on the one hand, the most important natural good that a human being possesses: life itself; even worse it concerns children in the womb, who are totally incapable of defending themselves: it is more cowardly than murder. On the other hand, it deprives them of the greatest of all goods, the supernatural good, which is infinitely superior to all natural goods: that is the possibility of going to Heaven since, without baptism, one can not go there, thus sending the souls of children to limbo.

- Abortion is an unspeakable crime.

- We dedicate our efforts also, to our dear fatherland, Argentina, so worn out by the politicians of international organizations of credit and finance, which operate throughout the Latin American continent, amongst whom are those who make population control, by contraception, a condition for financial aid. This causes harm to the common good of our fatherland, since one of the greatest riches of a country is its population, according to the explanation given in the judgement.

- Lastly, noblesse oblige, our sincere gratitude goes to the lawyers Aurelio Garcia Elorrio and Jorge Scala, who with intelligence and perseverance, showed others the way forward when they embarked upon the lawsuit “Crèche de Bélen versus the National Ministry of Health”, which is without doubt a model for dealing with a case like this.

- We especially thank Dr. Jorge Scala for his help and advice.