The Primate of England Declares War with Gender Ideology

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Cardinal Nichols had everyone up in arms after clearly forbidding heads of Catholic schools to defend the Gender theory in any way.

In its online issue on March 10, 2018, Daily Mail reported the remarks of Cardinal Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster and Catholic Primate of England. He declared during a meeting with the directors of Catholic schools that in their establishments “proposing the Gender theory as a possible alternative is out of the question.”

The prelate insisted that children must realize that they are part of a society founded on “firm points of reference.” These points of reference are non-negotiable, “they are givens which come with birth,” he concluded.

Heather Ashton, the president of the LGBT association Transgender Peer Associates Ltd. that fights for “equality of rights”, immediately spoke out against this “religious bias” that in her opinion “should not have any impact on a transgender child’s needs.”

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales was expected to define and publish their position on the Gender ideology and related questions.