Putin Sends Christmas Greeting to Pope Francis with Message of Increased Cooperation

Source: FSSPX News

Mr. Putin as seen during a New Year's greeting for 2018

In his traditional end-of-the-year greeting, the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, directly addressed the head of the Catholic Church.


“I express to you my hope,” declared the Russian president to the Holy Father, “of being able to pursue the constructive cooperation that exists between Russia and the Vatican.” 

For the head of the Kremlin the goal of this collaboration is “to protect peace and global human values and strengthen dialogue”.

Vladimir Putin concluded his message with a special mention, wishing Pope Francis “health, happiness, and success in his noble enterprises”.

This declaration from the Russian president came during an important exhibition on “Romanovs and the Holy See: 1613-1917. Russia and the Vatican”, open in Moscow until February 18, 2018.