Reactions to the book : Marcel Lefebvre, une vie

Source: FSSPX News


« It is a wonderful opportunity for me to intensify my prayers for he who was the apostolic delegate of French-speaking Western Africa in my country Dahomy. » Cardinal Bernadin Gantin, Prefect Emeritus of the Sacred Congregation of Bishops.

« A big thank you for an outstanding biography of Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre ! » Cardinal Alfons Maria Stickler, Archbishop Emeritus of Bolsena, Librarian Emeritus of the Vatican

« Your book on Mgr. Lefebvre arrived this morning. I shall read it with great interest. » Mgr. De Milleville, Archbishop Emeritus of Conakry (Guinea)

« The book, Marcel Lefebvre, une vie, has recalled many happy times spent with him, from 1929-1930 at Santa Chiara » Mgr. Paul Carrière, Bishop Emeritus of Laval.

« You know the admiration I had for Mgr. Lefebvre and the profound sadness I felt at his break with Rome. I have read the book that you have consecrated to him with keen interest. Historians will find here a great deal of important information, by which they will better understand the crises caused by decolonisation and Vatican Council II » Pierre Messmer, former High Commissioner in Africa, former Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Institute.

« Bernard Tissier de Mallerais has most beautifully succeeded in his undertaking, the fruit of several years of considerable work. A book rich in documentation, often hitherto unpublished, and in numerous theological insights. » Jean Madiran, Présent

« This biography of Mgr. Lefebvre is an important and rich contribution to contemporary religious history. » Emile Poulat, historian

« This work marks an indisputable milestone, in spite of any justified criticisms one could make. » Luc Perrin, historian

« Far from building a mausoleum, clouded with incense, the spiritual son of the rebel prelate, gives a brisk, inquiring, moving narrative […] And if this book, with its genuine regard for the truth, could be not so much a weapon for combat than a channel for dialogue ? » Élie Maréchal, Le Figaro

« It is a work of justice to evoke the beautiful missionary and priestly work of the Holy Ghost father, but also his evangelical gentleness, his sensitivity, his respect for others, his love for the priesthood, for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and for the Church […] Abbé Christian Laffargue,

« A landmark book » Pierre de Place, Monde et Vie

« The virtue of Bernard Tissier de Mallerais is not to have obscured any aspects of Mgr. Lefebvre’s life, and to have allowed those who did not share the commitment of the ’Iron Bishop’, to have their say » Bernard Fontanges, Français d’abord

« An authoritative book, well edited » Joel Prieur,Minute

« Marcel Lefebvre, une vie, will speak to a public far beyond traditionalist circles » Michel Fromentoux, Action Francaise 2000

« Whatever sympathies or objections one may have with regard to the actions of Mgr. Lefebvre, such a biography, which paradoxically challenges by its impartiality, can only arouse a passionate interest. » Louis Fontaine, Présent

« Here is a beautiful gift for all those who admire the work of Mgr. Lefebvre. » Fr. P. Sulmont, Bulletin de Domqueur

« It is a beautiful book that Clovis have just published. The 2,000 references and 1,500 names cited, bear witness to the considerable hard work in research and analysis that were employed in its writing. » Jacques Oswald, A.F.S.

« This biography represents a considerable work of research and provokes a lively interest. » C. Barthe, Catholica

« All will have their own judgement, but one must recognise in Bernard Tissier de Mallerais the merit of a detailed, serious and honest work. » Bernard Cattanéo, Courrier Français

« Mgr. Lefebvre as he really is. The first biography delivers unsuspected facets. A very complete work. » Vincent Pellegrini, Le Nouvelliste (Switzerland)