Research on hybrid embryos “monstrous”

Source: FSSPX News


Mgr. Elio Sgreccia, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has opposed the decision taken by the British MPs on May 19, 2008, to authorize research on hybrid embryos taken from the integration of human DNA into the ova of animals. No legislation in the world goes as far on this point. Mgr. Sgreccia gave his views on May 20 on Vatican Radio.

“First of all,” he explained, “the human nucleus is united by cloning which fertilizes the ovum of an animal. This union is an act of fertilization, an attempt at reproduction through the masculine element which is the nucleus and the feminine element which is the ovum, the one is human, the other animal. This is offensive to the dignity of man: it is an attempt at procreation between two different species, up to now forbidden by all laws on artificial reproduction. The human-animal union, even if it is not sexual, represents one of the horrors which have always stirred up moral rejection.”

 The law makes provision for the destruction of these embryos at 14 days, however: “if it were to be decided to keep them alive,” said Mgr. Sgreccia, “it could give rise to a deformity or cause the proliferation of infections, because the passage of human DNA to that of animals may have untold consequences. Each time that the human-animal barrier has been violated, there have been very grave consequences, even if unintentional. And then these embryos are destroyed in order to make stem cells, in the false presupposition that these embryos are worthless up the fifteenth day, which is false from the scientific point of view since the genetic inheritance is 99% human.”

 “From the scientific point of view, the fact that these cells may help doctors to treat illnesses such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s is an assumption which as yet has no foundation. On the other hand, for adult stem cells, there is positive scientific proof,” he said. And he condemned the “media lie” which has been promulgated “without any scientific backing.” Finally, the prelate asked for what he called “a kind of conversion of the mass media, which rather than obeying the orders of special interest groups, obeys the truth, in order not to create, in the name of human compassion, illusions about the pathways which have not yet led to any positive result.” (Sources: apic/eni/afp)