Return to the Tridentine Mass would be a “retrograde step” according to Fr. Guy Gilbert

Source: FSSPX News


Answering questions put by the agency I.MEDIA for CIPA, on January 17, just after speaking briefly with Benedict XVI at the close of his general audience, Fr. Guy Gilbert, who calls himself the “parish priest of hoodlums”, declared

-I greeted him ( the Sovereign Pontiff ) through Youssouf, a young Turk who had said to me : “when you see this pope of yours, give him my regards, because what he did in Istanbul was really great.” His eyes lit up when I spoke about Turkey. His visit to the Blue Mosque was unique and prophetic, after his blunder in Regensburg where he behaved like a professor. But these tactless words (on Islam, Ed.) were thoroughly rectified, and the Turks in France were absolutely delighted with his compensation (in Istanbul, Ed.). I think the pope gave a veritable theology lesson, standing there, turned towards Mecca, as if to say : ‘I respect what you respect’. In my opinion, he went further than John-Paul II, who also visited a mosque.

 This pope who went to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, is the pope who is preparing a document to facilitate the celebration of the pre-conciliar Mass. Is there not a huge discrepancy here?

 -If he has taken this giant step towards the Muslims. I hope he is not about to take a retrograde step concerning this famous Mass. He should not give grist to the mill of a tiny minority who want to go back to the past. Because tradition moves forward. Sticking your crosier in cement as Archbishop Lefebvre did, is just no good. For the past forty years, the Christian people have been entering into the liturgy – especially with concelebration, which is magnificent – but saying Mass with your back to the people is inconceivable to the great majority of Catholics. We must bring the Church together, yes; but not at any price. Benedict XVI wants to put an end to the internal division in the Church, with the integrists. He wants to bring back his lost sheep. This is important. But in my opinion, we should not give them too much”

(Interview by Antoine-Marie Izoard)